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Beautiful hard wood floor


We are now offering flooring to complete your whole project. From vinyl to tile to hard wood, we have the flooring to fit your budget.


Vinyl flooring in kitchen

Tough, resistant, attractive…and easy on the wallet. Ever-popular laminate provides an affordable, durable design that mimics the look of real wood, tile or stone. These floors require little maintenance and are burn and scratch resistant, making them all but impervious to foot traffic and pets in your home, and because of this, laminates are a smart choice for almost any room.


Tile flooring in kitchen

A versatile, beautiful and distinctive choice for Albuquerque. With an endless array of materials and colors, tile can give you the versatility you need to realize your vision for your home or business. Tile is not only durable and easy to maintain, it can be distinctive and strikingly elegant. Tile is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens!

Hard Wood

Hard wood flooring in living room

A rich, elegant look for virtually any Albuquerque décor. Hardwood is the little black dress of flooring because it looks good in almost any setting. This versatile floor can deliver a wide range of looks from classic to modern.